Ambassador Kit unboxing

The Kit included:
*20 Live CD’s
*20 Install DVD’s (32 bit)
*20 Install DVD’s (64 bit)
*20 Sheets of Stickers
*12 Pins
*9 Ink Pens
*10 Powered by Fedora Case Badges
*20 Powered By Fedora Tattoos
*19 Infinity Logo Tattoos
*1 Tshirt

and now the pics

Here is the box I received from inode0

Here is what was packed in the box [after i took out the entire Sunday edition of the newspaper 🙂 ]

Oh yeah that’s right pressed media




Close up on logo

aaaaaaaaaaaand stickers

Sorry for keeping everyone waiting

Grandma is doing well. She is actually doing great! Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. They think they got all of the cancer. They removed her bladder, all reproductive organs, and lymph nodes. So there isn’t a whole lot in left in there for cancer to live in 🙂

Not much happening on the the Fedora front for me everyone has been running a mile a minute in prep for the upcoming FAD, which ill be attending remotely. freeseer is one of the projects that people are hacking on hardcore in prep for FAD. Which is cool. I can’t wait to play with it. It’s a a video capture utility capable of capturing presentations. It captures vga output and audio and mixes them together to produce a video.

Thoughts on RMS’ “How the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software”

I have just read RMS’ “How the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software” and I’m still formulating my opinion on this but in general I am ABSOLUTELY  against the way copyright is done currently.  When Copyright was introduced to America it was a “Creators Monopoly” and only lasted 14 years.  The originators thought that was more than ample time for you to create something,  make back the money that it cost you in creation, and fund you next idea.  I also think that is more than enough time.

No matter what DRM is evil and douchbaggary

More thoughts to come [as soon as I have them :)]

I really want to see @doctorow and @lessig weigh in on this 🙂