Dell Latitude D420 Unboxing

Ok i know that unboxings are supposed for be for NEW hardware, but I’m poor and this thing is awesome so I did one.

I bought a refurbished Dell Latitude D420 for less than $300USD (it was actually $298.88 after Shipping)

So here is what I got for my ~$300:
Core Duo 1.2Ghz
1.5GB of ram,
60GB Harddrive
12.1″ widescreen
Internal 802.11 a/b/g/n
and the much hated Intel GMA 945 Graphics Chip (3d drivers are FUBAR)

So this is by far the best hardware I’ve ever owned and I was super excited about it so with any further adu… The unboxing

The package arrived yesterday but I was in Indy helping get Grandma’s house ready for her to come back from rehab (she’s doing better than anyone ever expected). So here is the box

I love how the internet is propping up the custom box industry

The required suck up letter crammed in the plastic that the laptop is wrapped in (hey did you know I’m the greatest person in the world? neither did I until I read that piece of paper)

and here she is, wow what a beaut

this is the porny shot… Ooo look at those keys

Time to get a real OS on here… why do they insist on messing up perfectly good hardware by putting Windows on there

Installing from a live thumbdrive because there isnt an optical drive… which is a feature believe me

lets do the Fedora shuffle

Constantine I hope this install isn’t hellatious (I’m so funny it hurts… those I love)

Getting the party started

Powered by Fedora… sucka


Sorry for keeping everyone waiting

Grandma is doing well. She is actually doing great! Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. They think they got all of the cancer. They removed her bladder, all reproductive organs, and lymph nodes. So there isn’t a whole lot in left in there for cancer to live in 🙂

Not much happening on the the Fedora front for me everyone has been running a mile a minute in prep for the upcoming FAD, which ill be attending remotely. freeseer is one of the projects that people are hacking on hardcore in prep for FAD. Which is cool. I can’t wait to play with it. It’s a a video capture utility capable of capturing presentations. It captures vga output and audio and mixes them together to produce a video.

TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 05

Still using Fvwm, haven’t done much proper computing, some email, IRC, and that’s about it. My grandma got through surgery so far without any complications, and they think they got all the cancer. I’m not gonna take any more screenshots unless I actually do something drastic.

In other news… NA Ambassador Kits are shipping!!!! When it comes I plan to do an unboxing 🙂 Yes I know AK’s are not new, but it’s new to me!

I’m going to indy to see grandma tomorrow so i dont know how much I’ll have to talk about tomorrow, so we’ll see.

TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 04

It maybe after midnight but hey this is day 4’s post. For some reason once a day Fvwm crashes. I have no idea what is up. And frankly tonight I’m too tired to investigate. I need to get to bed because my grandmother goes in for cancer surgery number 13 in the last decade, and may be called to hit the road to see her if it goes poorly.

There is no screenshot because I’m having trouble uploading to :/