Help save Aaron’s grandfather’s house!

This is taken verbatim from Boing Boing it was posted by Cory Doctorow, on January 16, 2008 12:27 AM, and I didn’t rewrite it because Cory is a better writer than me…

Aaron sez, “The state of South Carolina has decided to put a freeway through my Grandfather’s 150 year old house (built by HIS Grandfather). The Governor and the people in the planning office say the route my father worked out is fine, but they need ‘public outcry’ to justify moving it so if people 10 miles down the route ask why they moved it for us they can say ‘hey, lots of people got pissed.’ So I set up a petition which in mid-Feb. will send the results to the Governor’s office and I need as many people to sign it as possible. They don’t care WHO you are or WHERE you are, just so long as there is ‘public outcry.'”

The home was built from trees that were cleared from the forests that now are open fields of fertile farmlands. The underpinning of the home was and still is hand-hewn logs held together by 10″ wooden pegs. The original structure consisted of four equally sized rooms and the kitchen was separated from the home in the back to save the home in case of a fire in the kitchen.

In the late 1940’s, the kitchen was joined to the rear of the home and three other rooms were added across the back of the house. The floors of this section were not joined evenly, and there is an approximate ten inch step down from the original section of the home to this rear section. The porch was also extended across the front and down the West side of the house. In 1957, my father, who was actually born in the home in 1916, remodeled the home, leaving the basic four rooms of the home but installing oak hardwood floors. He also left most of the original windows in rooms and by the front door, which were hand-blown glass with “wavy” imperfections and bubbles. The chimney on the East side of the house is also original which, according to family lore, has brick laid with “salt crete”. It was covered with a thin layer of concrete years ago to protect it from weathering. Around 1965, dormers were added to the roof of the house and the attic was opened to house two bedrooms. And the final remodeling occurred around 1985 when the kitchen was remodeled and a carport was attached at the kitchen entrance.

The techy is to this is the fact that a big time blog is being used to keep a local government in check.

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For Those Who Care: White House Flouts NSA Subpoena Deadline, But Will Congress Fight Back?

White House Flouts NSA Subpoena Deadline, But Will
Congress Fight Back? (via

Yesterday, the White House once again flouted Congress’
authority and failed to comply with Senate subpoenas
regarding the NSA’s illegal domestic spying. In response,
Senator Patrick Leahy threatened contempt proceedings and
stated that the compliance deadline, which was already
delayed twice, would not be pushed back again.

That’s certainly welcome news, but Congress can’t let this
turn into yet another set of empty threats. Tough talk is
not enough — after all, Congress has already made numerous
requests for critical information about the spying program
and let the President dodge them again and again. Instead
of forcing his hand, it practically rewarded his
evasiveness by capitulating to the Administration’s
outrageous demands and radically expanding domestic spying
powers earlier this month.

Congress cannot allow itself to be pushed around any
longer. It needs to make good on its threats and pry the
truth out of the Administration using all available means,
including by holding it in contempt.

And that must only be a first step towards the ultimate
goal of stopping the President’s abuse of power. Truth and
accountability for the warrantless wiretapping of Americans
should have come before any legislative changes were given
even the slightest consideration. Now Congress needs to
undo its mistake, starting with a repeal of the so-called
“Protect America Act,” the Administration’s FISA
“modernization” power grab.

Take action now and tell Congress to stop the warrantless

Read EFF’s article from August 7, “Congress Caves on
Warrantless Snooping — What Happened, and How to Fix It”:

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