Once a wanker always a wanker

This is an age old spat but about 4 months ago I called “Merlyn” a wanker and he has now proved my point.

Dave Yates and some other Linux Podcasters are creating a planet to aggregate all of the Linux Podcasters blogs. This whole thing has been built in a mailing list. Because of this project I have proof that Merlyn is a wanker. Here was his one and only reply to the list.

I’m getting a “you have mail” notice from this thread about every five minutes
for the past 4 hours. I don’t think that’s necessary any more. Please remove
me from future postings.

If you want to include FLOSS Weekly in your roll-up, go ahead. That’s really
all you need from me.

[REMOVED] – Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc. – +1 503 777 0095

Smalltalk/Perl/Unix consulting, Technical writing, Comedy, etc. etc.
See http://methodsandmessages.vox.com/ for Smalltalk and Seaside discussion

and here we’re some funny replies… I have removed the posters name (if you wrote it and would like to be known let me know)

linuxplanet.org is a totally cool name. Forget “podcast”

…Oh let me just make sure Randall isn’t in my replyToAll list..i don’t want to bother him, I know he’s a busy guy. -klaatu

Busy guy is one thing to call Merlyn. I can think of a few others.

I also have some hosting space if needed. And, I’d be happy to set up a Drupal backend.

I know this isnt an elegant post but I thought it was really funny so here it is