Don’t Listen Alone the LUGRadio Story

Last year LugRadio wrapped up after five seasons, over 2million downloads and six live events. For over a year Tony Whitmore from the ubuntu-uk Podcast has been working on a documentary chronicling the history of the show, and packed with interviews, behind-the-scenes footage of how the show was planned, the studio, LugRadio Live USA and more. He premiered the hour-long documentary at LugRadio Live 2009 to resounding applause and acclaim, and it is now available online, and freely available under a Creative Commons License.

“Don’t Listen Alone: author: Tony Whitmore License: CC-BY-SA

Launchpad podcast: your questions

I just got a message on facebook from Matthew “P” Revell (former LUGRadio presenter) about the Launchpad podcast. This Wednesday (14th May), Joey, Elliot and Matt are recording the first full episode of the Launchpad podcast.

A major part of the show will be questions from people who use Launchpad. So, if there’s something you want to know – and you reckon the answer will be of interest to other listeners – message Matt on facebook. You’ll be able to find the podcast on there blog at