TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 05

Still using Fvwm, haven’t done much proper computing, some email, IRC, and that’s about it. My grandma got through surgery so far without any complications, and they think they got all the cancer. I’m not gonna take any more screenshots unless I actually do something drastic.

In other news… NA Ambassador Kits are shipping!!!! When it comes I plan to do an unboxing 🙂 Yes I know AK’s are not new, but it’s new to me!

I’m going to indy to see grandma tomorrow so i dont know how much I’ll have to talk about tomorrow, so we’ll see.

TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 04

It maybe after midnight but hey this is day 4’s post. For some reason once a day Fvwm crashes. I have no idea what is up. And frankly tonight I’m too tired to investigate. I need to get to bed because my grandmother goes in for cancer surgery number 13 in the last decade, and may be called to hit the road to see her if it goes poorly.

There is no screenshot because I’m having trouble uploading to unixporn.com :/

TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 03

Today I didnt do much again. I mucked up a license thing (I still can’t spot a CopyrightOnly License) and also I need to dig harder to find these things. I made myself look like a complete fool in the marketing irc channel. But we press onwards and upwards.

I heard some rumblings that the NA F12 media is out which (if true) is sweet! That means (if true) I should be getting my very first Ambassador Kit soon 🙂

I won’t be at the FAD that is attached to SCALE because I have to focus on getting into classes, yes I waited waaaaaay to long… again. So I’m sure I’ll get stuck into some really craptacular stuff but maybe I can bring my GPA up.

here is today’s screenshot