Find high quality shows that are 100% Oggcasts at Oggcast Planet logo

My buddy monsterb has made a site that lists all of the known Oggcasts and a definition of what an oggcast is. From the site:

Welcome to Oggcast Planet! Here you will find links and information on high quality shows that are 100% Oggcasts. Please visit the Members page for detailed info! Some shows claim to be an Oggcast, but actually they are just Podcasts. An Oggcast is a show that offers only Ogg to their listeners and not patent encumbered codecs like mp3. What is an Ogg you ask? Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source. Oggcast Planet fully supports the PlayOgg campaign founded by the Free Software Foundation.

Find all of your Freedom loving Ogg goodness at

I’m at OLF

I have made it to OLF and as of right now I’m bored as I can be, but I’m also here the day before. I didnt sleep for shit last night and then downed big ass can of monster. So now I’m sick to my stomach (I need to puke). Monsterb and Klaatu are gonna meet me here in the food court, so mybe the day will pick up a bit.

I have some video and pics taken already so this should be a media rich event.