Comic: Where I’d Rather Be 1

Here is a comic that that I drew on my Nokia N770 whilst at work.

I drew this one whilst watching Atonement. I can’t stand that film, and while I was coming up with my list of why I thought the movie sucked a pile of ass, I thought about where would I rather be… easy answer, at my computer.

KDE comes to the Nokia tablets AS A .DEB

geekpenguin has a post and video up proving that you can run KDE on a n800. So far this has only been tested on the n800, but I’m sure it will come to the n770 and the n810 soon

Minimo DOES work on Nokia’s n770

Me and a buddy of mine (twitter: @sysnerd) were hacking on my n770 trying to get minimo running. The issue was this…

* You install it from the apt frontend (can’t remember what is called)
* it installs in the extra menu
* you go to run it and it does nothing

Now here is the issue… The run script is a bash script but they have it trying to run as a c shell. This will not work, it’s like a Frenchmen trying to explain string theory to a deaf German, not good.

To fix this you have to

* have xterm (its in the apt frontend)
* cd to /usr/bin/
* open a text editor, we used vi
* and edit the top line of the script to read #bash/usr/bin
* save and close

thats it,

Happy Hacking

chrisrmas comes early when the giver is stoked

To get it out of the way my parents got me a nokia n770 for christmas. They have been sitting on ths info for a month. Well my nerdy younger brother was playing with it and couldn’tsit on the info anymore. So he made up this bullshite (and not believed) story about how Iwas going to be in Venezuala durring christmas. So my mom gave in and so here I am blogging from my n770. The only thing that is pissing me off right now is the update button on is not wotking, so I avent yet tweeted from it. Altough I have been using pidgin and someother cool stuff. OH! xkcd is awesome on this.