Thoughts on the Alpha

Technical thoughts:

I installed goddard on my eeepc 900 and have some issues. Right after the first boot gnote crashed and activated the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT). So I lol’d and started getting my WPA key put in so that I could report it. Only one problem. The ABRT window is bigger than my screen size, it cuts off just above where you can attach files. So I have no way of easily reporting the gnote bug.

If that wasn’t enough I can’t update it because of a discrepancy in Open Office core versions, and for some reason yum upgrade –skip-broken isnt working, nor is trying to let the GUI update tool handle it.

Non-Technical Thoughts:

I was almost pissed yesterday when I saw the “official” shortened urls for linking to the Alpha yesterday. The “official” shortened urls were setup so that we (the project) could have some data on how popular this release was. My issue was the services that were used are non-free;,, and tinyurl. I was prepared to loose my mind and then I decided that before loosing my cool I should mention this in the mailing list. So I went through my trash folder (I’m so glad I don’t ever clear that out, it is now a personal procedure to keep all “trashed” email [and I don’t worry because my hard drive is encrypted]) and replied that I was bad form for us to use non-free url shortners and let everyone know about and No one knew these existed and it even prompted Paul Frields to edit his blog post to add them to the list.

Sometimes a little checking before you fly off the handle and run your mouth on the interwebs is good. Damn this whole turning 25 and deciding I should act like an adult thing 🙂

So please tryout Goddard; see how it works for you, and please post your thoughts about it in the comments or drop a link to your thoughts if you post them else where.

Woot got my studio/office sorted out!

I’m thinking about a weekly/monthly video blog now that my studio/office is sorted out. Here is what it could look like

picture from inside my office/studio

odds are i wont actually do it. I have enough pod/oggcasts to do per week so we’ll see. If I actually do start posting some video and you want to pimp your project on the board behind me, shoot me an email 🙂