Friends, Family, Fedoraians… Lend Me Your Ear

To everyone that has been trying to get a hold of me or has realized that I’ve kinda fallen off the face of the earth. No I’m not hiding from you (well I’m hiding from some of you… bloody weirdos) I have been slacking is every aspec of my life for 20+ days because for some reason I can’t fracking sleep. Not that “lol I’m a nerd so I have the same sleep patern as a Meth addict” kind of not being able to sleep. the “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH MOTHERFRACKER I WANT TO SLEEP BUT I CAN’T TURNOFF MY FRACKING BRAIN!!!” kind of I can sleep.

So far I have tried 25mg of Diphenhydramine which would make me sleep (3 hours after taking it!!!!) but I was a groggy, zombie, dick the next day with a tendency to almost pass out once every ~4days. And made me utterly useless beyond that. I tried not drinking caffine (at all), I tried increasing my caffine. I tried excersize (as much as the weird ass weather would allow) and I tried sitting on lazy ass… and nothing has really solved it.

It’s really all I can do to complete my homework everyweek. Twidentica, facebook, podcasts, rss feeds, this blog, anyone elses blog, IM, email and IRC are just too much. I get confused really easily and with already being a groggy dick make most of these tasks almost unbearable. So I’m going to try to keep up on things as much as I can but if I end up bailing on something its not you, its me (unless its you… you know who you are)

Any non-narcotic ideas are welcome 🙂

It’s now 9:30AM, I went to bed at 3AM and havent gotten a wink of sleep… I bid you all adu