Find high quality shows that are 100% Oggcasts at Oggcast Planet logo

My buddy monsterb has made a site that lists all of the known Oggcasts and a definition of what an oggcast is. From the site:

Welcome to Oggcast Planet! Here you will find links and information on high quality shows that are 100% Oggcasts. Please visit the Members page for detailed info! Some shows claim to be an Oggcast, but actually they are just Podcasts. An Oggcast is a show that offers only Ogg to their listeners and not patent encumbered codecs like mp3. What is an Ogg you ask? Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source. Oggcast Planet fully supports the PlayOgg campaign founded by the Free Software Foundation.

Find all of your Freedom loving Ogg goodness at

Don’t Listen Alone the LUGRadio Story

Last year LugRadio wrapped up after five seasons, over 2million downloads and six live events. For over a year Tony Whitmore from the ubuntu-uk Podcast has been working on a documentary chronicling the history of the show, and packed with interviews, behind-the-scenes footage of how the show was planned, the studio, LugRadio Live USA and more. He premiered the hour-long documentary at LugRadio Live 2009 to resounding applause and acclaim, and it is now available online, and freely available under a Creative Commons License.

“Don’t Listen Alone: author: Tony Whitmore License: CC-BY-SA

FLHL looking for Freesoftware Adverts

The guys at the Free Linux Help Line ( are looking for Ads to run between segments of their soon to be podcast. So do you know of a Distro, App, Event, or Podcast that is or is about Free Software? Well if you can condense you enthusiasm into 30 seconds or so then send them to Ep 0 is scheduled for January 10th.

Once a wanker always a wanker

This is an age old spat but about 4 months ago I called “Merlyn” a wanker and he has now proved my point.

Dave Yates and some other Linux Podcasters are creating a planet to aggregate all of the Linux Podcasters blogs. This whole thing has been built in a mailing list. Because of this project I have proof that Merlyn is a wanker. Here was his one and only reply to the list.

I’m getting a “you have mail” notice from this thread about every five minutes
for the past 4 hours. I don’t think that’s necessary any more. Please remove
me from future postings.

If you want to include FLOSS Weekly in your roll-up, go ahead. That’s really
all you need from me.

[REMOVED] – Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc. – +1 503 777 0095

Smalltalk/Perl/Unix consulting, Technical writing, Comedy, etc. etc.
See for Smalltalk and Seaside discussion

and here we’re some funny replies… I have removed the posters name (if you wrote it and would like to be known let me know) is a totally cool name. Forget “podcast”

…Oh let me just make sure Randall isn’t in my replyToAll list..i don’t want to bother him, I know he’s a busy guy. -klaatu

Busy guy is one thing to call Merlyn. I can think of a few others.

I also have some hosting space if needed. And, I’d be happy to set up a Drupal backend.

I know this isnt an elegant post but I thought it was really funny so here it is

Launchpad podcast: your questions

I just got a message on facebook from Matthew “P” Revell (former LUGRadio presenter) about the Launchpad podcast. This Wednesday (14th May), Joey, Elliot and Matt are recording the first full episode of the Launchpad podcast.

A major part of the show will be questions from people who use Launchpad. So, if there’s something you want to know – and you reckon the answer will be of interest to other listeners – message Matt on facebook. You’ll be able to find the podcast on there blog at

How to install Ubuntu into an Encrypted LVM

Hi again folks, here is a great video from the LinuxResonance Podcast. It is a step by step walk through on how to keep the data on you laptop safe if it is ever stolen. I know some governments of the world who could use this one. So without further adu…

Why In The Hell Write When You Can Link #1

Some cool bouncy stuff from

“Science Fiction Writers of America abuses the DMCA”[and pisses off Cory in the process]

From the story, “The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to fraudulently remove numerous non-infringing works from Scribd, a site that allows the general public to share text files with one another in much the same way that Flickr allows its users to share pictures.”

“Boing Boing Boing Podcast”

Why didn’t anyone tell me that there was a Boing Boing Podcast?

“Confessions of a College Callgirl”

“Midwest Teen Sex Show: comedy podcast on teen sexuality”

This is a really funny show, a definite watch

“Hoodies with faces”

“Google Earth flight simulator”

Does anyone know how to get this working on a non-mac platform, I have no command key 😦