Neighbour’s Easter Suicide

Scene from suicide on sheridan st. This image is licensed under a Creative Commond Attribution 3.0 License

One of my neighbours just (supposedly) attempted suicide. Around 3:30AM I heard screaming going on outside. Which isn’t strange in this neighbourhood, but I was risen from bed when I heard a siren. Which also isn’t strange because the road I live on is a short-cut to the north side of town where the hospital is. But the sirens were going the wrong way and the strobe lights weren’t moving. So I had a look out the window and saw a girl yelling at a boy. Which is another thing that isn’t strange, The police are called to a neighbour’s house on every holiday I can remember. but then I realized there were 5 police cars out there and an ambulance.

Then around 3:50 I heard the girl that had been screeming the whole time, yell “He shot himself in the head” at the boy that she had yelling at. To which he replied (03:50:58 EDT) “He’s ok… he was still breathing… he is ok” which sounded more like a hope than facts.

While I was watching their interactions another ambulance pulled up and had loaded up before I could see who was going in. (03:56:37 EDT) That ambulance pulled away after a few minutes of my noticing it.

Ambulance leaving with (attempted?) suicide victim. This image is licensed under a Creative Commond Attribution 3.0 License

This was all live blogged on Identica and Twitter as follows:

threethirty: @pi_news the crying girl said “He shot himself in the head” but I didn’t hear a gun shot.
04/04/2010 03:50 AM

threethirty: @pi_news people on the scene are claiming that the “He” in question was still breathing
04/04/2010 03:52 AM

threethirty: @pi_news a second ambulance has shown up
04/04/2010 03:56 AM

threethirty: @pi_news i dont think there is going to be much else for me to report on
04/04/2010 04:06 AM

threethirty: – scene from (attempted?) suicide on sheridan st. @pi_news *CC-BY
04/04/2010 04:10 AM

threethirty: – ambulance leaving with (attempted?) suicide victum *CC-BY
04/04/2010 04:12 AM

There will be more on this as it happens, I figure any more info will come from the Palladium-Item (@pi_news)

EDIT: @pi_news got back to me and said they don’t cover suicides which I kinda understand. So I guess this is the end of the story.

I’m really sick of seeing this

WTF is wrong with police? Seriously we are now in the middle of a police state. None of us are safe. Just look at this video and about a million like them, if you are young and you are educated, you are not safe.

(story via boingboing