TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 01 && Fedora Marketing

Still going strong. Yesterday’s post destroyed Planet Fedora so ill be a little more careful with the size of pictures 🙂

So the second day… I found out that a lot of stuff that I use requires a place to dock so I fired up gnome-panel and removed everything but a notification area. I don’t know if this is cheating but I can’t see how it is.

Jlindsay told me yesterday that he got ROX Desktop installed with out any problems. I have no idea what Klaatu and I were doing wrong but he sorted it out.

Here is today’s screenshot:


And now to Fedora Marketing. I have been trying to properly Introduce myself on the marketing mailing list but it never seems to post. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but I’m getting kinda frustrated. So I’ll try it again and hope it finds the right people 🙂

TiT Radio Desktop Challenge Day 00

Last night on TiT Radio klaatu thought it would be a great idea to have everyone change to a lesser known desktop environment or window manager that you had never used. So my first choice was ROX-Desktop because it looks pretty cool and easy to use but I don’t think a single one of us got it to install.

Next was JWM or Joe’s Window Manager, I had tried this once when Damn Small Linux switched to it about 5 years ago. But I quickly gave up on it because I couldn’t get the terminal to open and I couldn’t get it to run from gdm. Knowing how lazy I am I wasn’t about to stick with something that would require me to change runlevels just to suffer in for a couple of weeks.

I finally decided on fvwm here is my desktop in Fedora 11 http://www.unixporn.com/screenshots/displayimage.php?pid=596&fullsize=1 I hope that in the coming two weeks I can figure out how to make this beast a beauty.