Neighbour’s Easter Suicide

Scene from suicide on sheridan st. This image is licensed under a Creative Commond Attribution 3.0 License

One of my neighbours just (supposedly) attempted suicide. Around 3:30AM I heard screaming going on outside. Which isn’t strange in this neighbourhood, but I was risen from bed when I heard a siren. Which also isn’t strange because the road I live on is a short-cut to the north side of town where the hospital is. But the sirens were going the wrong way and the strobe lights weren’t moving. So I had a look out the window and saw a girl yelling at a boy. Which is another thing that isn’t strange, The police are called to a neighbour’s house on every holiday I can remember. but then I realized there were 5 police cars out there and an ambulance.

Then around 3:50 I heard the girl that had been screeming the whole time, yell “He shot himself in the head” at the boy that she had yelling at. To which he replied (03:50:58 EDT) “He’s ok… he was still breathing… he is ok” which sounded more like a hope than facts.

While I was watching their interactions another ambulance pulled up and had loaded up before I could see who was going in. (03:56:37 EDT) That ambulance pulled away after a few minutes of my noticing it.

Ambulance leaving with (attempted?) suicide victim. This image is licensed under a Creative Commond Attribution 3.0 License

This was all live blogged on Identica and Twitter as follows:

threethirty: @pi_news the crying girl said “He shot himself in the head” but I didn’t hear a gun shot.
04/04/2010 03:50 AM

threethirty: @pi_news people on the scene are claiming that the “He” in question was still breathing
04/04/2010 03:52 AM

threethirty: @pi_news a second ambulance has shown up
04/04/2010 03:56 AM

threethirty: @pi_news i dont think there is going to be much else for me to report on
04/04/2010 04:06 AM

threethirty: – scene from (attempted?) suicide on sheridan st. @pi_news *CC-BY
04/04/2010 04:10 AM

threethirty: – ambulance leaving with (attempted?) suicide victum *CC-BY
04/04/2010 04:12 AM

There will be more on this as it happens, I figure any more info will come from the Palladium-Item (@pi_news)

EDIT: @pi_news got back to me and said they don’t cover suicides which I kinda understand. So I guess this is the end of the story.

What are your thoughts on metrics gathering?

There has been some discussion on the Advisory Board mailing list recently about improving the metrics gathering that the fedora project uses to find out approximately how many users we have. And I though it would be a good idea to gather some thoughts on the gathering as an idea.

What are your thoughts on metrics gathering, please respond in this posts comments, on identica or twitter please [@threethirty on them so I see them :)] or email me and I will make a follow up post with some of the more interesting replies quoted in it.


There have been questions about what I really mean when I say “gathering metrics” so I guess I’ll more fully explain:

Currently (IIRC) every time you look for updates on an offical yum server it collects your IP address. So what Fedora has been doing is counting every unique IP address, multiplying by 2 or 4 and then claiming that is the number of Fedora users.

The problem with that is it wildly inaccurate and we think that the number is low. There is so good debate in the mailing list, but what has been offered is using uuid’s to more accurately count but privacy has been an ongoing concern.

I don’t think that any new ideas are anywhere close to implementation, I just wanted to know if people were worried about this or had any ideas for the board.

EFF Sues Feds Over Social Network Surveillance

The EFF is suing the Feds to see if they are over stepping any boundaries when it comes to tapping social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to investigate possible criminal activity.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco, seeks information from a number of federal agencies under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) who are listed as defendants in the case.

The EFF is asking for records from the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury, the CIA, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence concerning their use of social networking Web sites as investigative, surveillance and data collection tools.

more info:

Trent and Tiffany’s Wedding

We were a little late to the ceremony but what i saw of it was nice.

Here are the videos I took (sorry the sound sucks) the first three were uploaded to youtube before the reception moved past that awkward first stage wifi at reception, video taken on my palm centro and moved to my nokia n800 via bluetooth and uploaded from there. The last one I uploaded as soon as I got home.


# Watching @codesamuri’s wedding. @abobrien13 @silentverbosity @bearwellington and @larryrockwell are the groomsmen.about 10 hours ago from web

# at the reception. Hoping this thing kicks off soonabout 9 hours ago from web

# Woot wifi at the reception!about 9 hours ago from web

# Finally this reception is kicking offabout 8 hours ago from web

# [l]ol “still alive” by @jonathancoulton is playing durring the cake cutting at @codesamuri’s wedingabout 8 hours ago from web

# @Codesamuri @abobrien13 @silentverbosity @bearwellington @larryrockwell 8 hours ago from web

# #trentsweeddingabout 8 hours ago from web

# #trentsweeddingabout 8 hours ago from web

# @Codesamuri @abobrien13 @bearwellington @larryrockworth @silentverbosity i #tagged the other 2 vids #trentsweddingabout 8 hours ago from web

# Awesome there is no audio on those vids #fml #trentsweeddingabout 7 hours ago from web

# Now they are starting into the weird group dancing #trentsweddingabout 7 hours ago from web

# omfgwtfbbq! There is audio on those vids, i fail at failing w00000000t! #trentsweeddingabout 3 hours ago from web

OH and the LOLtack

gwibber = win

I have just installed gwibber in ubuntu hardy and I have a how-to, its running a little wonky now, but hey its not even release yet.

##how to install gwibber in ubuntu hardy ##

#install simplejson
easy way is to go here : choose a mirror and let it open in Gdebi

#install baazaar
$ sudo apt-get (or aptitude) install bzr

#Checkout the baazaar repo
$ bzr checkout

#Change to the gwibber directory
$ cd gwibber/

#install gwibber
$ sudo python install

#Run gwibber

you can typw gwibber in a terminal or just open it from the menus

Why Twitter is the winner

There are soooooo many Twitter clones and Twitter-esque apps/websites out there, but they all seem too fall short and I know why. Simplicity. I’d really like to pick on FriendFeed and Jaiku. Yes, they are “better” technologies. But have you tried to use them on a mobile? Well in FriendFeed’s case, nope not possible (as far as I know), and Jaiku’s case most of us haven’t you must have a Nokia phone to do so. Welp my Palm Centro puts me out on that.

Here is my real issue… how in the hell are you supposed to use a threaded system through SMS? Oh yeah you can’t!

Why is SMS soo important? How much time do you spend on the computer? How much of the day is your mobile in you pocket? For me the mobile wins EVERY DAY.

oh and one more thing Twitter is EASY!!! @username makes a whole lot of sense… this message is “AT” that username.

Projects are taking a backseat for a bit

My dear friend Ryan has gone MIA. I think he may just be hiding, or something may be wrong. I don’t know. He doesn’t answer his phone, and hasn’t responded on facebook, twitter, or pownce. I think its because I’ve been pushing to hard to try and get txtbasket up and running. So next week I think I’ll go back to working almost full time at my other job and make some extra cash and possibly put up a $100 bounty for someone to create a “complete n00bz guide to setting up stet”, licensing it CC BY-SA, and posting it to the wiki ( when I come up with the cash that will be the bounty so anyone out there who wants to get a head start can.

chrisrmas comes early when the giver is stoked

To get it out of the way my parents got me a nokia n770 for christmas. They have been sitting on ths info for a month. Well my nerdy younger brother was playing with it and couldn’tsit on the info anymore. So he made up this bullshite (and not believed) story about how Iwas going to be in Venezuala durring christmas. So my mom gave in and so here I am blogging from my n770. The only thing that is pissing me off right now is the update button on is not wotking, so I avent yet tweeted from it. Altough I have been using pidgin and someother cool stuff. OH! xkcd is awesome on this.

Twitter on Facebook

Hey guess what, this is not as hard as I thought this was. It’s two smegging setps.

1. Add twitter app on facebook

2. after you “Allow Twitter extended access to your Facebook account” You’ll notice a link that says: Want Twitter to update your Facebook status? Click here! Do it, and that’s it.\

I got this info from

Hot Damn gTwitter made it into universe!

I love gTwitter, there is no question about that, none. But you used to have to either compile it from source or go to to find a package for it. That was the past and this is the future!! I love when someone actually goes and packages my favorite apps.