More bitching about the powers that be

I almost hate going to because I know without fail there will be something that throws me into a screaming rage with wordage that I almost can’t use, even on the internets. If it’s not Cory Doctorow talking about some freedom hating DRM thing or an anti consumer, anti pirating thing. It’s shit like this…

State dept. won’t say why UK music scholar is barred from US

Nalini Ghuman, a UK-born music professor at Mills College in Oakland, can’t return to her home in the US, because the State Department revoked her visa and won’t tell her or anyone else why.

In a written account of the next eight hours that she prepared for her lawyer, Ms. Ghuman said that officers tore up her H-1B visa, which was valid through May 2008, defaced her British passport, and seemed suspicious of everything from her music cassettes to the fact that she had listed Welsh as a language she speaks. A redacted government report about the episode obtained by her lawyer under the Freedom of Information Act erroneously described her as “Hispanic.”

Held incommunicado in a room in the airport, she was groped during a body search, she said, and was warned that if she moved, she would be considered to be attacking her armed female searcher. After questioning her for hours, the officers told her that she had been ruled inadmissible, she said, and threatened to transfer her to a detention center in Santa Clara, Calif., unless she left on a flight to London that night.

“They told me I was nobody, I was nowhere and I had no rights,” she said. “For the first time, I understood what the deprivation of liberty means.”