Adding PITA software to Fedora with easyLife

Projeto Fedora Brazil has built a Free Software tool that helps users have Freedom of Choice.

easyLife allows new and even experienced users to install and configure software on Fedora, just by clicking. It’s simple and clean. Among others, these are some of easyLife features:

* Sets “sudo” command up for your regular user;
* Configures RPMFusion repository for extra and non-free software;
* Installs Flash Player plugin;
* Installs all kinds of multimedia Codecs (h264,divx,xvid,mp3 etc);
* Installs additional fonts;
* Installs nvidia drivers;
* Installs Skype;
* Installs Sun Java and Sun Java Plugin for Firefox;
* Integrates Sun Java with system-switch-java;
* Installs Google apps (Picasa, Desktop);
* And many others…

As a firm believer in Free Software I must say this tool is an aid to violating software freedom, but as a human being I have to say this should make getting the things that Fedora can’t ship due to legal issues easy to get.

And thus it now has a place in my sidebar, I hope sourceforge doesn’t get made that I swiped their button 🙂

easyLife homepage

People other than me are doing HTML5 video

I’m not sure who got to it first but Dailymotion, Youtube, and my site ( are the only sites that are using the HTML5 video tag.

Dailymotion’s page is at and as far as I can tell is using the Vorbis/Theora Firefox 3.5 compatible spec.

Youtube’s HTML5 site is at and is using H.264 and doesn’t seem to work in Firefox 3.5

My HTML5 page is and it is Vorbis/Theora and works in Firefox 3.5

If you know of any other pages that are using are using the proposed HTML5 video tags please comment here, email me three [at] threethirty [dot] us, or @threethirty on

HTML5 video tags have a power level over 9000

My brother showed me this post at on how to do the much bitched about html5 video tags. So I totally had to do it, and I did.

Here is my page

The cool thing is that you can have it degrade codecs and and even all the way to flash. The first (intro) video is this way, but the rest are theora/vorbis file (yeay freedom!) So here is a little howto.

First You need a place to store the vids that you can link to. If you have dropbox you could put the vids in your public folder and link there.

To have a just theora/vorbis vid (because you love freedom) the code looks like this:


To have a theora/vorbis vid that degrades to mpeg4 the code looks like this:

Now if you need it to degrade all the way to flash (puke) then it would look like this:

ok that is the long and short of it. Not bad at all but you need to have Firefox 3.5 and some versions of Opera/Chrome/and possibly Safari with some extra codecs that screws the whole idea.

**EDIT: ok so I’m not smart enough to get the code to show up so just check out the mozilla hack page I was just copying from them anyway 🙂

Trent and Tiffany’s Wedding

We were a little late to the ceremony but what i saw of it was nice.

Here are the videos I took (sorry the sound sucks) the first three were uploaded to youtube before the reception moved past that awkward first stage wifi at reception, video taken on my palm centro and moved to my nokia n800 via bluetooth and uploaded from there. The last one I uploaded as soon as I got home.


# Watching @codesamuri’s wedding. @abobrien13 @silentverbosity @bearwellington and @larryrockwell are the groomsmen.about 10 hours ago from web

# at the reception. Hoping this thing kicks off soonabout 9 hours ago from web

# Woot wifi at the reception!about 9 hours ago from web

# Finally this reception is kicking offabout 8 hours ago from web

# [l]ol “still alive” by @jonathancoulton is playing durring the cake cutting at @codesamuri’s wedingabout 8 hours ago from web

# @Codesamuri @abobrien13 @silentverbosity @bearwellington @larryrockwell 8 hours ago from web

# #trentsweeddingabout 8 hours ago from web

# #trentsweeddingabout 8 hours ago from web

# @Codesamuri @abobrien13 @bearwellington @larryrockworth @silentverbosity i #tagged the other 2 vids #trentsweddingabout 8 hours ago from web

# Awesome there is no audio on those vids #fml #trentsweeddingabout 7 hours ago from web

# Now they are starting into the weird group dancing #trentsweddingabout 7 hours ago from web

# omfgwtfbbq! There is audio on those vids, i fail at failing w00000000t! #trentsweeddingabout 3 hours ago from web

OH and the LOLtack

Creative Commons, some Vids and my project.

After the new year I have a project that is going live. This project is a video for Creative Commons. This video will be made so that children can understand what CC is all about. It is based on a slide show based on this slide show. I will be narrating myself and hope to have it out before the end of January. For those of you that have no idea what CC is just check out the vids below

DRM and trying to explain it to those who have no clue, part 2: a rope of sand

read the origianal post asking for help

If you are not a viddler user, or don’t want to comment on the video, feel free to leave a text comment those are just as good

Why didn’t thins catch on?

Wang “Freestyle” videos from 1988

Youtube hates me and will not let me upload this video so there is the source where I saw it

Wikipedia says that it failed because of cost and marketing, but why didn’t someone else try it. This kind of tech is still not huge, and I don’t really understand why.

Update: Screw you youtube, bastards