OMG its the Hitch-hikers Guide and it uses Free Software!

WikiReader bridges you, your family, and friends with the world of knowledge. It’s a great gift for people of all ages and lifestyles.
For Parents

WikiReader offers an easy way to protect your child from adult-oriented content.
Easy to Use

Bring the world of Wikipedia to your finger tips with 3 simple buttons.
Works Anywhere

No internet connection or registration required. WikiReader is excellent for reading in bright sunlight. Fit it in your purse or book bag and take it everywhere.
Affordably Priced

Knowledge is power. For $99 and no monthly fees, WikiReader expands your knowledge without shrinking your wallet


The WikiReader is a new hand-held device that puts the entirety of Wikipedia in your pocket. Each WikiReader runs on two AAA batteries and should hold up for as long as 12 months of normal usage. The touch screen presents a small QWERTY keyboard to enter your search terms. Scrolling up and down is controlled by sliding your finger on the screen in the direction you wish to move. You can follow links (to other Wikipedia content) by touching the underlined text. The only thing missing is the pictures and graphics. The lack of pictures will make some articles less informative than others, but it’s not a huge deal. We also found the keyboard key size to be problematic at times.

WikiReader’s software is based completely on open source. All source code is available device through GitHub for anyone to see. Updates will be available either by subscription, or you can do it yourself. The entire source database for the Wikireader is stored on a microSD card and can be updated manually by downloading the data from the Wikireader site and copying it to the card. It’s possible that you could load some other content on the microSD card as long as it conforms to the same format used by Wikipedia.

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