The swine at FOX News are degenerates and liars

The swine at FOX News are degenerates and liars. They are liquored up neanderthals engaged in a type of circular forced fornication that end up resembling some kind of sick fallacious Ouroboros.

The media in its entirety is there to confuse and frighten you, have no part of it. All politicians are thieves and vagabonds feeding off the capital and dreams of those to weak to think or act for themselves. Freedom is dead. Patriotism is the new popular religion, a relic of a time where the unintelligent and scared were a commodity. Don’t listen to what is spoon fed to you, look for the facts and ignore the plastic molds, and reptiles coated in thick war paint before you. There is no boogie man in your closet, there is no monster under your bed. Turn off your goddamned TV, go outside, and find the goddamned truth for yourself!

Casey Anthony & Caylee’s Law

Now before I say anything realize I AM NOT A LAWYER, and not incredibly familiar with this case. There was no reason to be familiar there are no facts only conjecture by very good liars in very cheap suits. So here is my opinion: The author Radley Balko of HuffPo is spot on in his condemnation of Caylee’s Law, and is condescending because he should be. What people want to do is fundamentally change the way the law works because someone they think is guilty was found to the contrary. This is more reminicant of the thought process for the Salem Witch Trials than of sane, logical, Americans in the 21st century. The person that came up with this proposed law has no idea how the law or law enforcement is carried out. The author of this proposed law said that the law was to make sure “no more innocent children will have to go without justice.” This is absurd. The author doesn’t want justice they want revenge. Justice was served at the end of a trial when a jury of someone’s peers came to a decision. That is justice. Some dumb bitch said “I am still so upset over the whole thing, a dead baby girl & no one to pay the consequences for it “. Some one did pay a consequence for it. Casey Anthony was falsely imprisoned for 3 years, what about her justice? What is happening here is people are not understanding the fundamental difference between TV and the real world. CSI is not real. Jamie Downs, the Coastal Regional Medical Examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says “You just can’t say for certain that a person died an hour and five minutes ago as opposed to 45 minutes ago.” Even on CSI they can only narrow it down to a span of 1-3 hours. So how do you put a time frame on either condition of the time missing or dead. Laws are written in a particular way so that there is no misunderstanding of what it means. If it says 1 hour, it means 60 minutes, or 3,600 seconds however you choose to think about it. The law is precise. And when do you start the clock? What about mental trauma? What about the inability to call the authorities? Any one of these questions should be enough for any sane, logical, American in the 21st century to realize that this is a horrible idea. Please do not sign this petition, please use your brain instead of your heart. Just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is. This law will not change the past, but it will change the future for the worst. Feel free to villainize me or whatever makes you feel good, as long as it isn’t make the American justice system any worse.

Why Hello Officer
“You ignorant shit sucking motherfucker. I have about 10,000 things you can do and the are all eating shit and dieing. Fucking useless pile of shit in a stupid looking blue suit!.” I said to the officer…

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